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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Karp, "Who's Bashing Teachers and Public Schools" - Extended Comments

  Public Policy vs. Private Interest

More with less is the new "norm" with education reformers, while unions and teachers feel the effects of billions of cuts targeting education.

Karp is an author who is explaining the two political views through thirty years of being in the public education system. Karp explains that more and more teachers are battling uphill obstacles than ever before. The bashing is coming from different places for different reasons. He says, "What can we do about it?" Who's accountable and how can we fix it. Educators and unions are losing power while mayors, governors, and education reformers with political agendas are increasing in power.  The two examples Karp uses are the "Bush" and the "Chris Christie Approach." So how do we, as teachers, hold accountability?
        In Brigette's blog, "Who's Bashing Teachers and Public Schools," she brings up the valid points and claims from Karp's article. Brigette points out how Central Falls ties into the inequalities that teachers face in a poverty-driven community with over 65% of English Language barriers. Teachers were evaluated and then fired over one form, the student's standardized test scores. Were they all not doing their jobs, no they were faced with uphill battles with the countries shameful 23% poverty rate with the number one High School that falls within this poverty rate. Extending on Brigette's blog about the "biggest shift" in the public education, with the example of Central Falls, is that these people who were responsible for firing Central Fall's teachers were part of a pro- privatization and anti-union foundation by administrators. Reformers are trying to change schools into these private institutions.  Their solution is to fire the bad teachers and bring in the "super teachers" who will follow scripted curricula handed from above. This isn't an excuse for bad teaching or massive student drop out rates. We do need some kind of accountability and solution. This school environment in RI, Central Falls, is a pure example of ways to promote partnership between parents, teachers, and policy makers.
         There needs to be accountability as a "whole" in regards to student education. Teachers can't be held responsible on a school district's gap. Everyone must work together to educate children to raise this down fall in education. Everything counts, the budget must be balanced and it all starts with the core; teachers, families, and money. There can't be a political agenda, tax money must be used accordingly and equally to support the students and classroom environments, parent involvement is a key component in their child's success rate all through their education years, and lastly teachers must not give up so easily on their students and continue to adjust and challenge their teachings to fit their student's needs.

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  1. Your last paragraph is very true. Everyone needs to part of the solutions, blaming the teachers is not going to plug the gap of our nations students.